About us

Uniquely designed, exceptional jewellery items straight from the manufactory.
Martina Jewellery is a collection of high quality jewellery items, made of porcelain, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS or gemstones and precious metals (925 sterling silver, 14-18 carat gold or platinum) in a globally unique way. The jewellery is decorated handmade with special motifs. The design reflects in the decoration with countless colours and from the most expensive platinum to gold. The uniqueness of the numbered, limited edition jewellery collection is given by its special design and manufacturing technique, which is verified on its certification card.

The creator

László Horváth, the designer and creator of the jewelry items, is a porcelain designer and expert with more than ten years of experience. He acquired his qualifications and experience in one of the most famous manufactures of the world. There he dazzled several times the jury of the international exhibitions with his unique designs in porcelain. He has been designing and running his own manufacturing plant of jewellery since 2000. This manufacturing technology - which perfectly reflects his innovative spirit and devotion to the fundamentals of this historic profession - is a result of a 5 year-old research period. His creations are unique combinations of the traditional and modern perspective.